About 3Sixty

3Sixty Athletics is a comprehensive, performance specific, personal training program and educational resource for athletes, parents, coaches, and trainers. It is our belief that every athlete should have the opportunity to pursue athletic dominance at a level that reaches beyond expectations. In order to reach this level, no stone can go unturned. We attack life from all angles through the 3Sixty Model, which covers training, nutrition, recovery, and mindset.  We desire to be well rounded athletes.  The athletes that can do everything. And aren’t afraid of anything.

3Sixty Athletics offers Private Personal Training through its Personal and Small Group Training programs on the North Shore of Long Island, while it’s online coaching, programming, consulting, and seminar services extend off the island and spread around the world. Whether you are an athlete looking for a performance edge and injury prevention, or simply interested in increasing your health, fitness, and wellness, we promise to provide superior results.

Post 3Sixty training, our athletes have gone on to play at Universities such as:

Dartmouth, Cornell, Princeton, Yale, Brown, UPenn, John’s Hopkins, Duke, Stanford, Hofstra, Stony Brook, Fairfield, Holy Cross, Vanderbilt, Lehigh, Villanova, Marquette, Delaware, USC, Bowdoin, Colgate, Bucknell, Syracuse, and more.



Joe Mascaretti


Joe Mascaretti is the founder of 3Sixty Athletics. He has had the pleasure of working with athletes all the way up through the ranks, from Division 1 College All-Americans to Brazilian Juijitsu Champions. Over the past 10 years Joe has established himself as the go-to Sports Performance Coach among athletes on Long Island, NY.  Joe is sought out by athletes for his unique ability to understand the game, most specifically lacrosse, and blend high performance training with injury prevention and post-rehab work.


Hofstra University, BS Sport Science/MS Health Science
National Academy Of Sports Medicine, CPT
USA-Weightlifting Club Coach/Sports Performance Coach
Precision Nutrition – Certified Sports Nutritionist
TRX, Kettlebell, Pendlay1/2, FMS
Equinox Tier 3+ PT/EFTI MasterInstructor

Competitive Athletic Playing Experience:
Hofstra University: Men’s Lacrosse
Major League Lacrosse: Long Island Lizards
National Lacrosse League: NY Titans
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt under Matt Serra

Athletic Coaching Experience:

Long Island University – Sports Performance Coach
Sports Performance Coach: Public and Private Sector (HS/NCAA/BJJ-MMA)
Assistant College Lacrosse Coach
Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach
Brazilian Juijitsu Instructor

Teaching Experience – Presented On Topics Including:
Effectively Training The High School Athlete for Performance AND Health
Solving The Sport Specialization Puzzle – How To Navigate The Landscape Of Youth Sports
Introduction to Olympic Weightlifting
3Sixty Movement Based Warm Up – Release, Mobilize, Activate
3Sixty Speed – Basic and Advanced Methods
3Sixty Power –Basics and Advanced Methods
3Sixty Strength – Basic and Advanced Methods
3Sixty Core – Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good
Sports Nutrition Guidelines For Performance Based Athletes
Guidelines For Weight Class Athletes: Make Weight AND PERFORM.