Athlete Highlights
Claire Quinn – Northwestern University Lacrosse

Check out Claire Quinn, one of lacrosse’s brightest young stars, training for dominance during this past year’s off season. She’s currently a sophomore starting defenseman for the perennial powerhouse, the Northwestern Wildcats.

Claire first came to 3Sixty to train as a high school freshman back in 2012. Already a lacrosse stud, Claire suffered from extremely tight hips, which led to constant lower back pain. She needed speed and she needed size, but more than that, she needed flexibility. She was attending a recruiting showcase in less than a month, and she wanted to be ready. Claire trained 6 days a week up until leaving for the showcase.  Well, she was ready. That weekend, she was seen by Northwestern and the rest is history.

Over the last 6 years, Claire’s trained with 3Sixty hundreds of times. We’ve been so fortunate to be a part of her journey that included high school championships, All-American awards, a commitment to Northwestern, making and playing for Team USA at the World Championships, and now, being able to watch her play for Northwestern as a starting defender.

She’s worked for everything she’s achieved. I couldn’t be more proud.

Here are just a few sets:

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