For Athletes
Iso Pushup Hold with Arm Rotation

This is an advanced Anti-Extension/Anti-Rotation Core Combo that also incorporates Scap/Humeral rhythm, Serratus Anterior activation, and posterior shoulder activation. AKA healthy core, healthy shoulders.

Who Is It For?

This is fairly advanced.  Typically, athletes doing this will have progressed through Pushup Position Wrist Taps, Shoulder Taps, Belly Button Taps, Reaches, and combinations of all of them.  Those micro progressions lead us here.

When Do I Do It?

As part of a warm up, core segment, or at the end of a strength training session.

What Sets/Reps/Tempo?

2-3 Sets of 4-6 Rotations Per Side is a great starting point.

How Do I Do It?

Set yourself in pushup position, with feet around shoulder width.  With one arm, reach down and touch your thigh, from there you’ll trace a circle around your body as high and wide as you can until the arm reaches out in front of you.  Reverse the motion back around to your thigh and return the hand to the ground.  Switch sides. Use a slow deliberate tempo and be sure to keep the rest of your body stable throughout the movement.  Think knees, hips, and shoulders square to the ground, and you never let your hips sag.  If someone took a photo of just your torso during the movement, they would have no idea that one arm was not helping support, it would appear as if you are in a great pushup position.

Photo May 14, 3 54 35 PM



Photo May 14, 3 54 37 PM


Photo May 14, 3 54 40 PM