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Kneeling Broad Jumps That Drive POWER

In nearly every sport, jumping is a measurement and display of power. So many of our jump variations help us develop power going up and down. And that’s great. Box jumps, vertical jumps, hurdle jumps, tuck jumps, etc… They all rock and are excellent exercises. But, as athletes, we need to learn to develop power going FORWARD. Enter Broad Jumps.

kneeling broad jumps - kangaroo


Just kidding.

But seriously… Standing Broad jumps are an exercise that I always found tough to get athletes to do well. More complicated than it looks.

Therefore, Kneeling Broad Jumps are a great bridge to full broad jumps. By putting the athlete on their knees it allows them to really focus on body lean and throwing the hips forward. We use our hands to help move our hips and link the body together to develop as much power as possible, all while keeping the chest up and forward.

Create as much distance as you can forward while still sticking the landing in good athletic position.

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