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Which Hand Holds The Dumbbell In A Single-Leg Deadlift?

The single-leg deadlift is a great exercise to develop strength through the lower body, specifically the posterior chain and all the muscles along the backside of the body (glutes, hamstrings, etc.).

For lacrosse and soccer players, single-leg deadlifts are perfect exercises to improve on-field speed – aka, these will help you get faster.

Therefore, the single-leg deadlift is one of my go-to exercises for developing strength in the hamstrings and glutes that translates over to the field and allows for more speed, more power, better change of direction, and less likelihood of injury.

Here’s what to do:

  • 3-4 Sets Of 6-10 Reps.
  • Sit the hips back
  • Load the backside of the body and attack forward hard
  • Finish with a powerful contraction of your glutes

One question I always get asked is: which hand do I hold the dumbbell in? Same leg or opposite leg?

Conclusion: Opposite side hand of the leg that’s working.

Reason: We want the hips and shoulders to stay square to the ground throughout the movement. You’re 4,000 times (note: exaggeration) more likely to stay square if you hold it in the opposite side hand. It guides the movement and allows for much cleaner form and a much stronger glute and hamstring contraction.

Proof: Check Emily in the video above.

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